Australian Bureau of Statistics Causes of Death data release 2018

These snapshot summaries were prepared by the Mindframe team at Everymind using the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Causes of Death Data, released September 26 2018.  

Why Mindframe conduct the analysis 

Due to a long-standing relationship with the ABS and a legacy of 20 years in compiling statistical summaries, Mindframe works closely with the ABS to examine, contextualise and distil the data for use by media, stakeholders and government.

Mindframe conducts this analysis each year to ensure that these complex and highly specific figures are interpreted correctly and reported to the public safely.

Mindframe infographics and data summaries

Please see a range of infographics and the national and state summaries below. 


National summary 

 New national infographic


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3 Year national summary

  new 3 year summary


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 3 Year national male and female summary

 new 3 year male female


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 State and territories summary

 new state


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Age analysis 

new age 

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Co-morbidity analysis

 new co-morbidities


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