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A Mindframe resource for stage and screen




Interviews with stage and screen professionals

Jan SardiJan Sardi

Shine scriptwriter Jan Sardi talks to Mindframe about
portraying mental illness.





Simone BuchananSimone Buchanan

Actor Simone Buchanan talks to Mindframe about the importance of research in theatrical portrayals of mental illness.





FilmNick Burnett

Screenwriter Nick Burnett talks about the portrayal of mental illness on screen, as well as his own experience living with Schizoaffective Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.






Studies about authentic portrayals of mental illness on stage and screen

Homeland ActorHomeland: Authentic portrayals promote public understanding and help-seeking

A study by Glasgow Media Group has found that television portrayals featuring mental ill-health are becoming more authentic and have led to a positive change in public attitude towards mental illness.




fhopgoodThe shift towards empathy in portrayals of mental illness on stage and screen

Over the past decade, studies on screen portrayals of mental illness have shown a shift towards empathy among filmmakers and TV producers that has significant implications for the creative process and decisions made by writers, says School of Culture and Communication researcher at the University of Melbourne, Dr Fincina Hopgood.