In the section, you will find a range of curriculum resources for use by journalism and public relations educators.

Lecturer notes and student notes are provided for each of the case studies. The lecturer notes contain a guide for class activities and for assessing students' work.

Even if you do not wish to use the case study materials, the Mindframe for Universities package contains a number of materials that can be provided to students to help them learn some of the key principles about reporting mental illness and suicide. In particular, the resource guide “Fact or Fiction?” provides a good overview of the issues students need to be aware of.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to use any of these materials in the classroom, you will need to read the following documents first:

  • User’s Guide (for journalism educators only)
  • User’s Guide (for public relations educators only)
  • Fact or Fiction?
  • Discussing Sensitive Issues

If you are an educator in public relations or journalism and you do not have an account, please send a request to with your name, institution and role and you will be allocated a username and password.

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