Case study notes

This section provides class materials for each of the Mindframe for journalism education case studies. Click on the links below to access the set of materials available within each case study.

Case study materials


J&PR IconCase Study 1 - Teen suicide

This case study presents a scenario in which the body of a teenage boy has been found at a local park. The body has been found by two youths walking home from school. A news reporter is sent to the scene to conduct interviews with police and witnesses. The reporter discovers that the dead boy is the son of the mayor. The boy’s mother is also well-known in the community for her work in charity fundraising. The videos provide footage from an interview with the police officer at the scene, the young witnesses as well as a phone conversation and interview with the mother of the deceased.

Note: there are two versions of this case study. Case Study 1 is part of the original hard copy multimedia kit, while Case Study 1.1 is a new adaptation that includes content about new media technologies such as social media.

The following document is for use in both Case Study 1 and Case Study 1.1:

Original Case Study 1:
Case Study 1 - Student notes
Case Study 1 - Interview transcripts

Case Study 1.1 with social media components:
Case Study 1.1 - Student notes

Case Study 1 and 1.1 - Additional materials

J&PR IconCase Study 2 - Mental illness and community attitudes

This case study presents a scenario in which complaints about a child care centre are made because a person working there has schizophrenia. The centre is currently managed by Mrs Smith, who would like her daughter Debbie to take over the licence for the business. Debbie, who has been assisting her mother at the child care centre for many years, has applied to Community Welfare for a licence to manage the service. When applying for a licence, potential applicants are legally required to disclose certain information. Debbie has indicated that she receives treatment for schizophrenia, that her illness is well-managed and that she has been well for many years. Community Welfare has disclosed this information to the parents of children attending the centre during interviews with them about the service. Prior to this the parents were not aware of the woman’s illness.

Case Study 2 - Student notes
Case Study 2 - Interview transcripts
Case Study 2 - Additional materials 

J&PR IconCase Study 4 - High-profile attempted suicide

This case study provides a critical review of three newspaper articles which cover a high profile suicide attempt by former NSW Opposition Leader John Brogden in 2005.  You are invited to critically review the three newspaper articles.

The articles can be downloaded as a PDF in their original format or as transcripts below.

Case Study 4: Student notes
Case Study 4: Media articles
Case Study 4: Media article transcripts 

J&PR IconCase Study 5 - Publication of suicide method in parliamentary hansard

This case study examines several articles surrounding the event of South Australian MP Sandra Kanck discussing methods of euthanasia during a parliamentary address, citing parliamentary privilege. The material offers discussion questions and notes for use by journalism educators and their students within their coursework. This case study was developed in consultation with Professor Lynette Sheridan Burns from the University of Western Sydney.

The articles can be downloaded as a PDF in their original format or as transcripts below.

Case Study 5: Student notes
Case Study 5: Media articles
Case Study 5: Media article transcripts

J&PR IconCase Study 6 - Death at a rock concert

This case study presents a scenario in which the body of celebrity has been found at a music festival. The artist is a well-known musician and is involved in the celebrity endorsement of a youth clothing brand.  Detailed information about the death is tweeted very soon after the discovery of the body by festival goers and fans of the band.


Case Study 6: Student Notes
Case Study 6: Handout 6A

Case Study 6 - Additional materials

J&PR IconCase Study 7 - Eating disorders

This case study presents a scenario in which a ballet dancer has collapsed on stage during a major public performance. There are hundreds of people in the audience, some of which are the dancers' ballet students. Messages start appearing on social media and the public are quite shocked, start becoming restless and demanding to be told what has happened and want to know details about how they might be reimbursed.

Case Study 7: Student Notes