Mindframe advisory groups

advisory group

The activities and resources of the Mindframe National Media Initiative have been developed through close collaborations and partnerships across the relevant sectors. One of the ways in which partners shape the work of Mindframe is via membership of our advisory groups.
Current Mindframe advisory groups include:

  • Mindframe media advisory group
  • Mindframe communication managers' advisory group
  • Mindframe for journalism and public relations education advisory group
  • Mindframe social media advisory group

For more information about the membership of each of these groups, please click on the options in the left hand navigation.

Stage & Screen IconMindframe for stage and screen advisory group

The Mindframe for stage and screen project is coordinated and managed by a consortium consisting of Everymind, the Australian Writers’ Guild and SANE Australia. The project team also incorporates nine Australian scriptwriters, who have assisted with the development and dissemination of resources.

Police IconMindframe for police advisory group

The police advisory group consists of representatives from the following:

Mental Health Intervention Program, QLD Police
Mental Health Intervention, NSW Police
Mental Health Strategy Project, VIC Police
Media Unit, WA Police
Media Unit, TAS Police
Media Unit, NT Police
SANE Australia
Department of Health