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For all media-related enquiries, including requests for information, comment and interviews, please contact:

Brooke Cross, Communications Lead
Direct: 02 4924 6906
Email: Brooke.Cross@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au

Marc abcThe mobile number listed below has been posted on the website for the use of media professionals only:

Brooke Cross: 0414 292 403

Mindframe is an initiative of Everymind, and is available to provide information and comment on:

  • Media reporting of mental illness and suicide
  • Media and stigma
  • Media contagion
  • Media and language around mental illness and suicide
  • Fictional portrayals of mental illness and suicide
  • Mindframe guidelines and evidence-base

If you do not work in the media, for all other enquiries please contact the Mindframe office on 02 4924 6900 during office hours or fax 02 4924 6901 or email mindframe@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au.

Available for interview

Jaelea SkehanJaelea Skehan
Director, Everymind

Jaelea Skehan is an internationally respected leader in the prevention of mental illness and the prevention of suicide. She is passionate about translating evidence in to practice and building the capacity of individuals, families, organisations and communities to be involved in mental health and suicide prevention.

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Marc BryantMarc Bryant
Program Manager, Suicide Prevention

Marc is a qualified journalist and communication professional. He has 16 years' experience working in and with the media, both as a senior print journalist (UK), in media and communications for the National Health Service (UK) and the South Australian Health Department in mental health reform.

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Media resources

The media has an important role to play in influencing social attitudes towards, and perceptions of, mental illness and suicide.

We encourage media and communications professionals to refer to our Mindframe guidelines for reporting issues related to mental illness and suicide.

Below you will find quick reference cards for practical tips and advice for media stories:

  • Reporting mental illness
    This reference card outlines key issues for consideration when producing a story on mental illness.
  • Reporting suicide 
    This reference card outlines key issues for consideration when producing a story on suicide.
  • Helplines 
    This reference card outlines national crisis counselling services and other information to include when producing a story on mental illness or suicide.