Teaching challenges tackled by Mindframe advisory group - 13 December 2018

New challenges for teaching and the media were the focus of the Mindframe Journalism and Public relations Educators Advisory Group meeting held in Hobart on 6 December, 2018.

Mindframe hosts international expert Dr Dan Reidenberg - 13 December 2018

On Monday 10 December, Everymind’s Mindframe team hosted its inaugural In Conversation: with Dr Dan Reidenberg, an interactive event comprising a question and answer session and presentation on the changing media landscape.

Mindframe advice for reporting on the death of Olga Edwards in NSW - 13 December 2018

Mindframe wishes to pass on condolences to family and friends, following the passing of Olga Edwards in Sydney NSW.

What role does the stage & screen industry play in suicide prevention? - 7 December 2018

It is undoubtable that film, television and theatre exert a powerful influence when it comes to comes to informing and shaping community attitudes towards mental ill-health and suicide due to their broad reach and appeal.

The importance of including help-seeking in news articles - 7 December 2018

The busy festive period is a timely reminder that media play an important role in bringing to light the significance of help-seeking behaviour and the variety of pathways that are available.

Dr Dan Reidenberg takes centre stage at Mindframe hosted event - 7 December 2018

For the latest Everymind hosted event international guest speaker Dr Dan Reidenberg will take centre stage for the latest In Conversation series – this time focusing on suicide in media and film.

Putting the spotlight on Media Mental Health & Wellbeing - 6 December 2018

The Mindframe team acknowledge that reporting on suicide and mental illness can have a profound effect on the mental health and wellbeing of journalists over the short and long term.

Managing the syndication trend of online media - 6 December 2018

Following the conclusion of this years, Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia Conference (JERAA) which took place in Hobart this week, the Mindframe team has turned the spotlight on the impacts and trends of international syndication and how to minimise harm.

Streaming across borders - 5 December 2018

With internet access so readily available, it’s never been easier to access entertainment, information and knowledge in just a few clicks with more people holding one, if not multiple subscriptions to streaming services.

Mindframe congratulates recipients of the 2018 Ossie Awards at the annual JERAA Conference - 5 December 2018

Mindframe extends congratulations to the winning recipients of the annual Ossie Awards, Rebekah Roennfeldt and Krati Garg, presented at the prestigious Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA) Conference.