A tribute to Barbara Hocking - 8 November 2016

The team at the Hunter Institute of Mental Health were very saddened today to learn of the passing of Barbara Hocking, a longtime friend of our organisation who worked tirelessly as a leader in the mental health and suicide prevention sector to reduce stigma of people affected by mental illness.

Media Alert: Reporting explicit details of method - 18 October 2016

Mindframe would like to remind the media of the risk of copycat behaviour, or contagion, when Australian media report explicit details of a method used in suicide or suicide-related deaths, particularly when it is prominent news.

Mindframe reminder to media: Safe and responsible reporting of the marriage equality debate - 4 October 2016

Mindframe reminder to media: Safe and responsible reporting of the marriage equality debate when covering issues relating to suicide, self-harm and mental illness.

Positive findings from Mindframe broadcast media study in to 2015 R U OK?Day campaign - 30 September 2016

Today, the Hunter Institute of Mental Health, which manages the Mindframe program has released a summary of findings from its recent broadcast media evaluation of the 2015 R U OK?Day campaign with overall positive outcomes and adherence to the Mindframe guidelines.

Media Alert: Release of ABS Causes of Death data 2015 - 28 September 2016

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has today released its 2015 Causes of Death data - which includes annual national suicide information.

Media Alert: Reminder on reporting suicide - 15 September 2016

Mindframe would like to ask the Australian media to consider its advice when covering suicide and provide a reminder to media professionals that it is important that stories do not provide specific details about the method or location of death.

Media Alert: Mindframe advice for media covering national suicide prevention campaigns - 15 September 2016

This week, suicide prevention will be the focus of three major campaigns: Men, let’s talk when things get tough by Movember (launched today); R U OK?Day (Thursday 8th September) and World Suicide Prevention Day (Saturday 10th September).

Mindframe presents Media LiFE Award to The Sunday Telegraph - 28 July 2016

The Sunday Telegraph's “Can We Talk” youth suicide media campaign is the recipient of this year's Suicide Prevention Australia Media LiFE Award, presented at the National Suicide Prevention Conference in Canberra this week.

Media alert: Reporting suicide incident in Melbourne,VIC - 15 July 2016

The Mindframe team would like to remind media professionals of the importance of following codes of practice in conjunction with the Mindframe guidelines when covering stories relating to suicide.

Mindframe approach to be showcased on international stage - 11 July 2016

Mindframe’s effectiveness in Australia will be on the international stage at the World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC) this week.