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MHS BookSuicide and mental illness in the media

A Mindframe resource for the mental health and suicide prevention sectors





Quick reference cards


MHS General QRCWorking with the media/Issues to Consider

General quick reference card






MHS Indigenous QRCWorking with the media/Issues to consider

Indigenous quick reference card





National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Communication Charter 

communication charter thumbnailThis Charter was developed by organisations who communicate regularly with the community, and with the support of the National Mental Health Commission.

The Charter is a resource for the mental health sector, and the Mindframe National Media Initiative will be the document’s ‘steward’. Mindframe will ensure collective responsibility and consultation for its ongoing development and implementation.




Media and public speaking guides


MF consumer and carerA Mindframe guide for consumers and carers

Released: May 2012

The guide contains practical information for consumers and carers to support their work with the media. It provides some advice on the best way to share personal stories – whether this is in a media interview or a public speaking opportunity.





MF speaking publicly about suicideA guide for speaking publicly about suicide

Released: September 2011

This guide aims to provide some practical tips on safe ways to discuss this challenging area, to ensure any risks are managed whilst increasing the community understanding of suicide. It is important to talk about suicide.